Utilizing the Unreal (TM) engine, this first person shooter recreates the look and feel of the Klingon Empire from the popular Paramount Television series: Star Trek: The Next Generation(TM) with a new storyline, settings, characters and weapons.

Utilizes the Unreal (TM) 3-D Engine.

Explore 19 huge missions set in 7 unique 3D worlds including the Klingon Bird of Prey, Rura Penthe Prison and Tong Vey Klingon City.

Annihilate your enemies using the deadly Bat'leth blade or D'k Tahg knife. Ten weapons are available, six were created especially for the game.

Guard yourself against a vicious onslaught of opponents including Andorians (TM), Attack Droids, Letheans (TM) and Nausicans (TM).

Go for the throat and show no mercy in the Deathmatch or Co-operative mission based battles via LAN or modem. Or generate your own holodeck environments and play over the Internet.

Includes the voices of Klingon actors from the series, including Tony Todd (Captain Kurn (TM), Robert O'Reilly (Gowron), Barbara March (Lursa), and Gwyneth Walsh (B'Etor)

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