Video Cards and Chipsets
The following video cards and chipsets were tested and are supported by Star Trek: Hidden Evil.

NOTE: This is a partial list based on the information available to us at this time. The information is subject to change as new cards are released. Please check the Star Trek: Hidden Evil website for updates!

Voodoo Graphics

  • Diamond Monster 3D
  • Canopus Pure 3D
  • Orchid Righteous 3D
Voodoo Rush
  • Intergraph Intense 3D Voodoo
Voodoo 2
  • 3dfx V2 1000 PCI
  • Diamond Monster 3D II
  • Canopus Pure 3D II
  • Orchid Righteous 3D II
  • STB Black Magic
Voodoo Banshee
  • Creative Blaster Banshee
  • Diamond Monster Fusion
  • Quantum 3D Raven
Voodoo 3
  • 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000
  • 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000
  • 3dfx Voodoo 3 3500TV
ATI Technologies
  • ATI Rage 128
  • ATI Rage Fury
  • ATI All-in-Wonder 128
  • i740
  • Diamond Stealth II G460
  • Real3D Starfighter
Matrox G200
  • Matrox Millennium G200
  • Matrox Mystique G200
Matrox G400
  • Matrox Millennium G400
Riva 128
  • Diamond Viper V330
  • STB Velocity 128
Riva 128zx
  • STB Velocity 128zx
Riva TNT
  • Creative Blaster TNT
  • Diamond Viper V550
  • Hercules Dynamite TNT
Riva TNT2
  • Creative Blaster TNT2
  • Diamond Viper 770
  • ELSA Erazor III
Rendition V2100
  • Diamond Stealth II S220
Rendition V2200
  • Hercules Thriller 3D
S3 Incorporated
S3 Savage3D
  • Hercules Terminator Beast
S3 Savage4
  • Diamond Stealth III S540


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