Ensign Sovok's Personal Log
I've just arrived on the Ba'ku planet for my first off-station assignment. The Ba'ku asked us to monitor the Son'a to ensure that there were no incidents as they built their colony. The Son'a colony is being created on the far side of the planet so that they could start a settlement without interfering with the agrarian Ba'ku village.

Outpost 40 doctors are also helping the Son'a receive concentrated metaphasic injections to help reverse the severe aging they had experienced while away from the planet. I've been ordered to stay in the colony for two days before returning to Outpost 40. Outpost Commander Ellik wants the security teams to rotate shifts on the planet to limit our exposure to the metaphasic radiation.

So far, the Son'a seem to be behaving perfectly. They've been very busy building the foundations for the colony. The area they have chosen for their colony is absolutely stunning. The terraced fields are lush and the climate is perfect. Unlike the Ba'ku, the Son'a embrace technology, and their colony reflects it, with modern buildings and an obvious dependence on technology. Although the Son'a colony is much different than the rustic Bak'u village, the Son'a colony is no less beautiful. Truly, this planet is paradise.

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