Ensign Sovok's Personal Log
Since being stationed to Outpost 40, I've been assigned to some dull duties. For the past month and a half, I've been monitoring the gaseous pockets of the Briar Patch region, running nano-magnetic tests and other sensor sweeps. However, tonight there was enough excitement for an entire week. While I was on security duty, there was a major incident in the off hours bar. It seems some of the science officers took offense to some of the derogatory remarks made by a group of off duty security officers. Soon after, fists and glasses were thrown and a twenty person brawl ensued.

When I arrived, the bar was a wreck and the officers were still fighting. I waded in and started pulling people apart. One belligerent and inebriated Ensign took a swing at me. I turned him around and tried to subdue him with the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Well, he dropped to the floor, but not because I disrupted his nerve ganglia. My hand missed the mark and I inadvertently broke his clavicle. After that, the fighting was brought under control and everyone was allowed to cool off in their quarters. The injured Ensign is recuperating nicely in Sick Bay and should be fine by tonight.

So, for the sake of clavicles across the galaxy, I had better keep practicing my Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Last week I had asked the only Vulcan officer stationed here at Outpost 40, a science officer named T'pen, to help me program the parameters for a realistic Vulcan planet. I chose the Ruins of Gorkut for the locale of the training program, where I spent most of my childhood years training with Master Si'Tann. I look forward to completing the program, I've been feeling a bit homesick lately.

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