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Research & Development

QA Team
Erick "Vampire" Lujan - QA Project Supervisor
I've been working at Interplay for almost 4 years. I started my career here as a QA tester and worked on many games from Conquest of the New World to Fallout. I am currently the primary QA Project Supervisor for Klingon Academy. I work with the producer of the title and the development team to make sure that the testing gets done. I also create testing procedures, and provide feedback not only on the bugs, but whether or not we think the game is fun and provide any suggestions and/or design comments to improve the game. Before being transported to Qo'noS to work on this simulation of Klingon space combat, I was the primary QA Project Supervisor on Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast.

Eric Pribish
Eric is a mild mannered tester by day and a cape wearing crime stopping super hero by night. He is currently wanted in 3 states for questionable acts involving cheese and a high-powered tennis ball launcher (his main weapon against evil doers). If you see him he should be considered armed and dangerous.

Brad Dutton
Attended and graduated from Colorado State University in lovely Fort Collins Colorado where he studied English and Political Science. His political aspirations (currently) take a back seat to his love of the three S's - Simulations, Sports, and . . . . Strats.

Joe "Mystic" Isip
The target of many a "cheater" accusation, Joe is actually an experimantal cross-race exchange student who specializes in exploiting bugs far before they are ever reported. The image of an oxymoron, he is a Christian Republican who actively promotes Taoist and Communist ideals. After graduating from CSULB with a "Bachelor's" Degree in Philosophy, he married as quickly as possible in order to preserve balance.

Erik Guenther
An all around entertainer, Erik performs a Vaudeville style variety act nightly at the Cuesta Verde Casino's Polynesian Lounge. The act opens with his Th'um-Tac, the Pedestrian, magic and mentalism act, followed up by his Amazing Trained Banana Slugs bit. Now that the crowd has been whipped into a frenzy, he hits them with his sword-spinning and plate-swallowing numbers. Then, just when the crowd has had more entertainment than they can stand, Erik hits them with his grand finale, a juggling, singing, and dancing fiesta, to honor America. Later, donning his ubiquitous powder blue tux and nursing "a little drinkie-poo" he croons the night away to the swingin' sounds of the Ichabod Twanglehauser All-Kazoo Big Band for your dancing pleasure. He's available for Weddings, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, and smokers. Good evening friends.

Mark Pfeiffer
Mark retired from active duty on the Brute Squad to become a hermit. Sequestered in the mountainous hinterlands of the Pacific Northwest, Mark's life of solitude was interrupted periodically by vacationers and researchers taking pictures and screaming "There it is! There it is! I've seen it!" This occurred over a period of several months, and then suddenly stopped. Curiously, this happened after he shaved. Returning to civilization, Mark took his newfound meditative insights and put them to good use as a playtester in the video gaming industry.

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